We have been offering optical health care for over 50 years in the North of England so we know a thing or two about eyes.

The thing is...when you visit one of the big, numbing, national, corporate optical shops to get your eyes done you can end up feeling a bit anonymous...just a number;  another consumer on a conveyor belt boosting profits to pay dividends to shareholders.  Not that we're saying profit isn't necessary but we think that a greater emphasis on giving you the best, bespoke eye-care that we can, making you feel unique and human (with a name!) is better long term for you and for us as a business.  Don't you agree?

So when we test your eyes or give you a contact lens assessment and fitting, or visit you at home (did I mention we do home visits if needed?) then you can be assured we are thinking of your eye health first and not a profit target we hope to achieve by the end of the week. 

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