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The Cumbrian Optical Company is all about making sure your eyes are the healthiest they can be.  We also want you to make a visit to the opticians less of a trauma and more about a life enhancing experience.  Improving the quality of your vision is always our priority but making you feel great in your glasses or comfortable in your contacts is equally important.  We can't guarantee to make a Jennifer or a Justin but we'll try damn hard! 

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A lot has changed since the Cumbrian Optical Company and her sister in law The Northern Optical Company began trading over 50 years ago.  We like to think we have maintained an ingrained tradition of quality service but have moved with the times - fashion-wise.

We stock all manner of frames to suit all budgets and all tastes.  Overall though we are about an honest service...if we don't think you look good in a pair of spectacles...we'll tell you. 


“The Girl With Many Eyes
One day in the park
I had quite a surprise.
I met a girl
who had many eyes.

She was really quite pretty
(and also quite shocking!)
and I noticed she had a mouth,
so we ended up talking.

We talked about flowers,
and her poetry classes,
and the problems she'd have
if she ever wore glasses.

It's great to know a girl
who has so many eyes,
but you really get wet
when she breaks down and cries.”
Tim Burton

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To make sure your eyes are performing the best they can get in contact with us.  You can ring us on 016977  2214 or email us on